Wednesday, 28 January 2015

YSL: Babydoll Mascara & Rouge Volupte Shine Fuchsia in Excess Review & Swatches

If someone were to ask me: "if you could only shop at one brand for make up, what brand would it be?" I would not hesitate to answer with Yves Saint Laurent (yes, they trump Chanel for me). I would also give the same answer if they were to ask the same question but for clothes instead, however that's a whole different story.

I'm not going to lie, one of the reasons why I love YSL so much is that the packaging for all the products is stunning. And another reason why I usually order directly from their online boutique is that they always throw in a couple free samples, they offer free standard delivery and the products are gift wrapped in tissue paper.

So starting with the mascara, I adore this product. I'd describe my lashes as problematic to say the least. They're very thin, short and straight. This means that the majority of mascaras just make my lashes flop back down, even after using a curler. This effect is usually inevitable, however YSL's Babydoll definitely puts up a great fight. My lashes still have lift and length and don't completely go back to their naturally straight state, which can be seen below:

Lashes with 2 coats of mascara

Now, moving on to the lipstick. Fuchsia in Excess is a wonderfully bright, medium-toned pink which I'm in love with. The finish is high-shine and glossy so therefore it's not completely opaque upon first swipe, however it is buildable. In terms of wear time, for a glossy lipstick, the lasting power is pretty good. I usually get about 4 - 5 hours and once the gloss fades, it leaves a nice stain behind.

Lips with 2 coats of lipstick
Bare lips & bare lashes (left), 2 coats of mascara & 2 coats of lipstick (right)

And so, my love affair with Yves Saint Laurent continues...


  1. I've never owned anything from YSL, but I really want one of their lipsticks now! The packaging is beautiful x

    Anna | pretty pretentious

    1. Yeah the packaging is stunning! Would definitely recommend the investment x