Wednesday, 21 January 2015

A Californian Summer, Part 2: Beverly Hills

It's no secret that Beverly Hills is one of the wealthiest areas in Los Angeles and I can tell you now, it most definitely lives up to its reputation.

Naturally, Rodeo Drive is lined one after another with upscale shops like Chanel, Cartier and Yves Saint Laurent (how could one ask for more). Although I didn't have much chance to have the full Rodeo shopping experience, I did have a little exploration through Ralph Lauren and also into Chanel looking for my favourite foundation.

I can't say there is all that much to talk about when it comes to Beverly Hills, it's exactly what you expect it to be - whether you love it or hate. The obvious reason to love it is, if you're a chronic shopper and lover of fashion like me, then there isn't another shopping destination like it. However, the obvious reason to hate it is, well, if you don't like shopping and the superficial nature of the whole area (but who wouldn't be aware of that when entering Beverly Hills). The sheer amount of wealth in the area is undeniable, especially since I saw an actual Bugatti Veyron. Legit.

 I know. It's beautiful. 

Beverly Hills is a completely different world to most of the population, but definitely a desirable one at that. The shops = amazing and aesthetically, it's one of the prettiest areas in Los Angeles. It's not for everyone, but a girl can dream.

Dress: H&M/Bag: Steve Madden/Shoes: Vagabond, similar here/Sunglasses: Ray-Ban

And one quick note before I go, my California playlist is just below in case you missed it last week and again, thanks for reading.

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